What Is It?

This year is the 18th year for The Buckeye Bridge Ride. This ride will take place in Preble County visiting up to 5 of the 8 Preble County's Covered Bridges. There are three different routes of either 17, 31, or 45 mile rides. These rides will take you on a scenic tour of Preble County. The Buckeye Bridge Ride is a full SAG with 4 stops if you are on the longest ride.

There is also a 1 1/2 mile family ride, co-sponsored with the Preble Trails organization, that will take you through scenic Fort St. Clair Park.

Proceeds From The Event

We wish to thank those who participated in all previous Buckeye Bridge Rides. This great ride has already provided OVER $19, 875 in 4-H scholarships and support to our youth! The proceeds this year will once again benefit the Friends of Preble County 4-H, Inc.In an effort to make a solid investment in our youth today and to create leaders for tomorrow, we the members of the Friends of Preble County 4-H Inc.are committed to the preservation of agricultural education in our Preble County and Ohio.As such, the Friends of Preble County 4-H Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the necessary funding for the operation of Agriculture/4-H portion of the Preble County Extension Office as well as other 4-H opportunities as deemed feasible and necessary. Click Friends of Preble County 4-H or Preble County OSU Extension to learn more.